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Pilates Therapy Teacher Training 


We are delighted to work with Pilates Therapy to offer Pilates Therapy teacher training courses here in Nottinghamshire!


The goal of our courses is to produce outstanding Pilates Therapy teachers.



Who is a Pilates Therapist?

  • A highly trained Pilates teacher specialising in teaching quality movement, but who can also objectively screen their clients

  • Someone who recognises the therapeutic effects of the Pilates movement system and is able to maximise the effectiveness of this when working with their clients                    

  • A teacher who can assess motor control issues, has manual therapy and taping skills and can utilise other release techniques to enhance the Pilates programs they teach, achieving better results with their clients

  • Someone able to create exercise programs specific to each individual's needs, abilities and limitation

  • An individual who knows when they should refer their clients on, and is able to support clients’ recovery, working closely with medical professionals when clients are ready to return to exercise.

Becoming A Pilates Therapist  - Course Options


For existing Pilates Teachers 

  • Pilates Therapy Bridging Course

  • Pilates Therapy Bridging Course with equipment training

  • One Day Courses in Pilates Therapy - do one, two, or all courses!


For those new to Pilates teaching

  • Matwork Pilates Therapy Teacher Training Course

  • Comprehensive (mat and equipment) Pilates Therapy Teacher Training Course 




As we are looking to facilitate a high level of understanding and practice, expect to take a minimum of 12-24 months to complete our full courses.


Course costs vary depending on the options chosen.  Payment plans are available.



For more information and to register your interest or book your place, please visit, or contact us.

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