I’m Ali, the person behind Resolve Health and Wellbeing.

My background is teaching, but I’ve worked in health and wellbeing for about 25 years, first as an exercise teacher, then in health promotion and public health and now mostly as a Pilates teacher.  I use my experiences from my past work to inform what I do today, so I’m very much about education, not just instruction.  I like to work with my clients within the context of their real lives so our sessions are relevant, fun and personal.

So, why Resolve Health and Wellbeing?  

Resolve, because I want to help you develop the tools to resolve your issues, but also resolve, in the sense of resolving to do something, making a resolution to change something, however big, or small.  

Health and wellbeing, because I offer more than Pilates, even if your only contact with me is to take a Pilates class!  I’m really interested in enabling you to be the best you can, physically, mentally and emotionally, taking into account that you are a real person, with real constraints and demands to juggle.

So, how we do this is up to you.  

You might come to a regular Pilates class, or take one to one Pilates sessions.  With me, Pilates is about so much more than following a set of exercises and it really can impact on your overall health and how you feel. 

You might choose to come to a workshop, which run most terms.  In workshops we look in more detail at an element of Pilates, for example, the breath, or posture.  But I also offer workshops on different aspects of health and wellbeing, for example, stress management, making changes, or developing a healthier lifestyle.

Or, you might prefer to see me on a one to one basis to look at specific elements of your lifestyle.  

Whatever your needs, you can be assured that I will be committed to you and have your best interests at heart.  I can’t magically cure you, but together, we can certainly make improvements.  All I ask from you is your commitment to work with me.